Here's just a small list of the rules that keep things going smoothly.

1. Fees are due on the first (1st) of each month.

2. We do not send out bills. Please mail your payment, call in with a card or bring payment into the office. A payment slot has been provided for tenant convenience.

3. Payments can be made by card, cash, check (with valid ID on file) or money order.

4. If we have not received a rent payment by day 5 of the month, the tenant account will accrue a $25 late fee. If the 5th falls on a Sunday, it is the tenant’s responsibility to pay beforehand.

5. If your payment is not received by the 15th of the month, we will process your unit for public auction. The unit may be opened for inspection any time after the 5th of the month if payment is not made and we have not had contact.

6. A partial payment will not stop fees or official procedures. Any agreement between TENANT and MANAGEMENT to extend payment dates or defer sale of goods must be in writing and signed by both management and tenant to be binding.

7. A $50.00 fee is automatically charged for all returned checks as well as a $25 late fee if applicable. All future payments must be made by cash, certified check or money order. Tenant will be immediately locked out of their unit until rent and all fees are paid.

8. We do not assume liability for goods stored. Adding stored goods to an existing personal insurance policy is generally quite inexpensive; we recommend contacting an insurance agency for more information.

9. Do not use the rental unit for anything but DEAD STORAGE. Do not store any flammable, explosive or illicit materials. The unit is to be used for storage only.

10. The storage facility must be given one full months’ notice, unit vacated by the last day of the month for which rent has been paid and all terms and conditions of this agreement must be met by the tenant in order to retrieve the security deposit. Deposit will be returned by the 1st of the following month.

11. The storage unit must be broom cleaned, emptied and in good condition - subject only to normal wear and tear - and ready to re-rent. If there are any problems with the unit, it needs to be reported it. Request a “Maintenance Slip” as proof!

12. Tenant’s lock must be removed upon termination of occupancy. Failure to remove lock will result in the tenant being charged the next month’s rental, late and/or any additional applicable fees. 

13. Gate hours are from 7 (A.M.) to 7 (P.M.), seven days a week from April thru October, 7 (A.M.) to 5 (P.M.) November thru March. The gate will not open after 7 (P.M.), so please be out on time. If special access is needed, an appointment can be made at management discretion.

14. Office hours are from 9 (A.M.) to 2 (P.M.), Monday through Saturday. Management is on the property after hours for security reasons only. If the tenant needs to meet outside of the standard hours, an appointment must be made! Tenants who do not respect these hours, especially repeatedly, will be charged a $10 administrative fee for each after hour’s engagement. Do not approach the private home on the property, beyond the posted signs. That will be considered trespassing.

15. We do not prorate when a unit is vacated. If the unit is not vacant before the first (1st) day of the month, a full month’s rent is due. There are no exceptions!

16. Only one lock is allowed per unit door latch. If more than one lock is found, the tenant will be subject to a $25 fee for the removal of that additional lock.

17. Do not loiter on the property. No drugs, alcohol or other illicit activities.

18. Please keep management updated of any address changes and/or phone number changes. Until we are notified in writing with a registered signature, the only valid address and telephone number present is what is on the lease. 

19. Please leave storage aisles clear and do not block another tenant’s door. No garbage, littering or outside storage. The trash dumpster is for storage facility use only. If a tenant has brought something in, they need to take it out. There is a trash receptacle at office for throwing out minor items like bags, cups, etc…

20. Delivery drivers are to be met promptly and are not to block the driveways or gates under any circumstances.

21. We will strictly enforce all policies and conditions in our contract. We do not make exceptions!

Thanks for understanding that we need these rules in order to be safe and successful! If we can be of further help, please let management know.